Guest's FAQS


How do I Book My Vacation Rental?

Just follow the 3 easy steps and we will connect and book directly with the property owner.

How much does it cost?

Our service is completely free for the guests.

What if I encounter an issue with our vacation rental?

You will work with the owner directly, but if you cannot get your issue solved then we will become your advocate and assist you in getting a resolution to the issue.

How long does it take to get a vacation rental connection?

We try our best to connect you with the vacation rental property owner within 24 hours of your request?

How do I know we are paying a fair price for our vacation rental?

For a vacation rental to become part of the Network they must guarantee that they will charge the lowest available price. In most cases you also will avoid additional booking fees by booking directly with the property owners.

How do I know this vacation rental is as advertised?

Each year we individually verify & inspect each property in our network which must meet or exceed our 4 core standards to be eligible for continued membership in our network. Our 4 core standards are: consistently positive guest reviews, the marketing images represent the property, the owners are committed to a quality guest experience, and the owners make safety a top priority.